Plan an adventure with us

GZ Adventures offers a unique and exciting alternative to your average, everyday event. Treat your group to a well-planned round of adventures that are tailormade to suit everyone. Choose from a quad biking and river rafting combo, paintball or archery coupled with off-road go-karting or treat everyone to a Bush Chefs cook off, Fear Factor, Bush Games or Survivor. Whichever you decide on, rest assured that your day is set to include thrills, adventure and many lasting memories.

Is it time to plan your best friend’s bachelor party? The entire planning process is probably leaving you either underwhelmed (a braai at your house) or out of your depth (Hangover is so yesterday!). Your bachelor deserves the best so allow us to take the pain out of planning a bachelor’s party. Get the adrenaline pumping with a quad biking and river rafting combo or challenge the boys to a Survivor show down, a Fear Factor frenemy challenge, a Bush Chef’s cook off that may reveal who can actually cook, or a round of Bush Games that guarantees a dose of healthy competition and camaraderie. End your day with a braai and a couple of cold ones while you look back on what was probably one of the best experiences you will ever enjoy.
Gone are the days when a bachelorette party is stereotypical and consists mainly of themed décor, and a lot of drinking. Celebrate the spirit of your bride and bring the girls along for something unconventional. What about dressing up and enjoying a round of bridal paintball that will certainly make for some fun Insta pics? Or book the besties on a quad biking or river raft adventure that guarantees squeals and peals of laughter and a bunch of oddly angled videos. Book a Bush Chef’s cook off and crown the best chefs in your group or enjoy a round of Fear Factor that will certainly reveal the bravest of you all. End your day with a braai while you look back on what was probably one of the best experiences you will ever enjoy.

Get them outside and busy with a GZ Adventures Kids Party tailor made to suit the abilities and ages of all the friends. Book the group for a quad biking and river rafting combo that is sure to get everyone active, excited and energised. For a more structure party, GZ Adventures offers fun activities that teach patience, teamwork and perseverance. Challenge the kids to use their brainstorming skills and strategise with a round of paintball or a friendly game of Survivor, Fear Factor or Bush Games. Parents are welcome to enjoy a relaxing braai while they watch all kinds of fun ensue.