Participants are divided into two teams and are faced with a series of challenges. Each team will receive bandannas unique to their ‘tribe.’ The winning team receives a reward and necklaces (these count as points) at the end of each challenge. The team with the most points wins. Challenges are set in a game show environment and are high intensity. The losing team of each challenge are required to eat mopani worms and must give up a member of their team to the winning team.
How many people are required?
Survivor requires a minimum of 6 people.
How long does Survivor take?
Survivor typically takes 3 hours.
Do I need to bring any gear with me?
All the required gear is supplied by us. Please ensure that you bring sunscreen and a cap along and that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
What time slots are available for Survivor?
Survivor must be pre-booked.